13 #PopeSelfies That Prove God Exists

1) We all know the new pope is BAE


2) I mean, this face could only have been sculpted by god. #cuteaf


3) He knows how to rock an outfit, even though he is a #outfitrepeater


4) Yes! Work that hat bitch!!!


5) I have no words for this public domain picture. What a BAE


6) Squad Goals (copyright Taylor Swift, please don’t sue us)


7) He’s just like us. Sometimes he doesn’t feel like putting on makeup in the morning!


8) He knows how to accessorize #thatgoldhat


9) Oh crap. Guys, I just realized that the picture two up is Pope Benedict XVI


10) Okay what’s important to remember is that ANYONE could have made that mistake. All I can do is ask for your sincere forgiveness and move on.


11) Wow! Look at this high quality picture of the Pope! He looks so— okay I’m sorry guys I just feel like things are still tense. Have you forgiven me? I’m freaking out a little bit.


12) Okay. I hope I’m not annoying you guys. Like are we cool? Please comment on this post with if we are cool or not. Even a simple yes will do. Please guys? I really need this job


13) Even if you don’t forgive me, just leave a comment. You can rip me apart if you want, I just want to know where we stand. Our relationship is important to me.


You know what, actually, rude and mean comments WILL BE BANNED. Anyone could have made the mistake I did. It’s not my fault all the popes look the same.