Astonishing: Meet The Brave Photographer Who Captured The Whitest Photo Of All Time

Marcus Montgomery was getting on the bus to his apartment while overhearing two girls checking the receipt of the scones they just bought, as if they were going to return them or something. After spending all day in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on campus, the 20-year old freelance photographer had to put headphones on to cancel out the white nonsense. Little did he know that in just a few hours, his latest photo would become a global phenomenon.

“It all just happened so fast really. I’ve been doing this for a while, but nothing like this has ever happened,” he says. Montgomery has been an independent journalist for quite some time now, having been at the forefront of white culture since the beginning of his career. Included among his many acclaimed reports are his articles on “The Cultural Significance of All-Star by Smash Mouth,” “The Importance of a Finsta in the Darty Era ” and his revered two-hour documentary on Doug Bradley, the bro who chugged an entire keg in 10 minutes. But nothing could have prepared him for this profound moment in his distinguished career.

While hanging with his friend Josh Chris around midnight, Montgomery witnessed an unprecedented moment in time. With only a silent whistle and the click of his heels, Josh summoned his friends Dale and Jessie. Josh and his friends were coming in from a night out in the three whitest regions of Syracuse University, respectively: DJ’S, Sig Ep, and Marathon. In an instant Montgomery realized the three of them were wearing flannels, khaki shorts, white socks, and vans, and he knew he needed to capture the scene on camera. Afterwards, he interviewed all three of the guys, with each of having the same response of “I’m in a frat but I don’t like to flaunt it.”

Since the release of the photo, Montgomery has received numerous accolades, including a Nobel Peace Price in Whiteography, a chair in the Board of Directors of the BET Awards, and a VIP ticket to any Beyoncé concert for the rest of his life. “Who knew my peak of black success would be a picture of three white dudes deciding if Calios is the move”