Newhouse Student Sometimes Feels Bad About Himself, Then Remembers He Is In Newhouse

Like many students, sophomore advertising major Matthew Bell sometimes feels sad. “It’s just this weird unhappiness I can’t explain,” Bell said. “Sometimes I’ll wake up and have a good day. Other times I’ll wake up and have a… Read More

Freshman With Guitar Still Thinks He Is The Only One

After nearly two semesters in college, freshman Reid Baker still believes he is the only student at Syracuse University who owns a guitar. Researchers are unsure how Baker has managed to remain so oblivious to the high guitar-to-white… Read More

ESF Student Teaches SU Student How To Climb Tree

Ever since he saw that special on the Discovery Channel about trees, freshman Dylan Koffman knew he would one day get to that high branch. Just last week, he got his wish.

Study Shows: Sliders Patties 50% Beef, 32% Corn Syrup, 18% Freshmen

A recent study conducted by Undergraduates For A Better Eating Experience found that Sliders Patties are made with 50 percent beef, 32 percent corn syrup and 18 percent freshmen. Sliders’ head fry cook Chuck Braun, who conceptualized the… Read More

Guy Who Yells At Woman From Car Gets Date

Love has a way of sneaking up on us, sometimes even catching us off guard.  For Patricia Lemark, it found her at the corner of Euclid and Comstock. She was running in leggings and her Juice Jam tank… Read More

Dating App For ESF Students Allows Users To Compare Peers To Trees

While girls at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry have been described as “down to earth,” directly comparing them to trees is an entirely new concept. Branchout, a new social networking site for ESF students, allows guys… Read More

Guy Invites Girl To Party After More Than 50 People Have RSVP’d On Facebook

Strategically planned love was in the air this week when sophomore Brendan Slater casually invited a female classmate to a house party—but only after waiting for the minimum 50 people to RSVP.  Fewer than that quota would automatically… Read More

Newhouse Student Heartbroken After Petition To Add “Social Media” Major Fails to Receive Signatures

Undecided Newhouse sophomore Brianna Dow was heartbroken after a petition to make social media a major in Newhouse failed to receive enough signatures. Though Dow sat in for three days tweeting at fellow Newhouse students and alumni… Read More

Female Pledge Receives Insomnia, Balloons, and Mummified Heart Of Founding Sister

Three surprises greeted Alpha Xi Delta pledge Amy Stevens when she returned to her dorm room Wednesday night: a dozen of her favorite cookies, balloons in all of her favorite colors, and the mummified heart of one of… Read More

SA Proposes Asian Ban In Lieu Of Smoking Ban

Last night, the Syracuse University Student Association held an open debate on the proposal to ban being Asian on campus. Supporters of the ban say it would not only lessen the smoking problem, but also end feelings of… Read More