Conversations About The Cold Create Lifelong Friendships

Although it was once assumed that cold weather had a chilling affect on personal relationships, an exchange between Freshman Johnny and Freshman Chris in the Boland elevator has proved that even conversations about the cold have the potential… Read More

Student Comforted By Commercalism At Destiny USA

When his hectic academic routine gets too overwhelming, Syracuse University student Mark Bidona has found himself a sanctuary.

University Union Finally Brings An Artist Every Student Knows To SU

After years of disappointment after disappointment, unknown after unknown, University Union has finally brought the band that the Syracuse University student population has been waiting for: The legendary, definitely well-known, hit single machine, twenty one pilots. That’s right… Read More

Student Who Said She Was Almost Abducted Then Wasn’t Almost Abducted Has Been Abducted

A Syracuse University female student has gone missing after saying she was almost abducted when she wasn’t almost abducted.

New Study: SU Females Mysteriously Stand Cold Temperatures

Scientists are baffled at a recent study taken place at Syracuse University on female students ages 18-24.