The Kumquat Weekly Report: 11/3-11/9

The Kumquat Weekly Report

Students can’t figure out why Orange Madness was way less exciting this year, experience culture shock in London, and suffer through Netflix-induced moments of self-reflection.

I’m Schumucked: Syracuse – Mayfest (2013)

Full and balanced coverage of Mayfest 2013. All alcohol, corndogs, and sad-looking animals are props, and were not harmed in the making of this video. Everyone was in on it, we swear.

The Kumquat Presents: End of Report

In spite of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the fall of our beloved beefcake Brett Blaze and the doe-eyed Peggy Summers, The Kumquat enters a new era. And we need your help.

The Kumquat Presents: Internship Advice

What is the “Career Development Center” not telling us? The Kumquat’s Jeff Rich tells you how to REALLY get an internship.

Campus Profile: University Confederacy

A new study by the Kumquat Research Department has proven a specific demographic at SU is literally incapable of agreeing with University Union’s concert decisions. And now, they have decided to take action. Mackenzie Graham has the story.

Investigative Report: The Inside Scoop

Proceed with caution, viewers: this gut-wrenching report may be a little heavy to handle. Felicity Jones reports…

Special Report: CURTISGATE

If we can’t trust our student officials, who can we trust? The Kumquat has your back, providing you with some shocking information that the Student Association may not want you to know.

The Kumquat presents… CAMPUS: Bid Day 2013

In a breathtaking feat of wildlife journalism, The Kumquat Team documents one of our campus’s most beautiful natural phenomenons. Join Leonardo, Rodrigo, and Felicity as they escape into the wild…

The Scrapist

One student’s nightly walk through the backstreets of Syracuse turns into a nightmare. After hearing this story, your knees may never feel safe again. Rodrigo Echeveria De La Rosa Marina reports…