Election Season 2016: Millennials Lay Groundwork But Fail to Follow Through

This election season, we millennials have achieved what everyone said was impossible. Several months ago, many thought a grassroots movement like this would amount to nothing. We have made great strides, but there is still a looming issue. Voter turnout is still too low.

With the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards happening just hours from now, our willingness to continue to campaign is crucial.

We have gotten our candidates national attention against all odds, but now we are failing them when it comes to polling. Young voters have worked too hard to get Ross Lynch of Austin and Ally, Zendaya, and even Dance Moms on the ballot and see no success. Are we just going to sit passively by as Cake Boss beats Chopped Junior for Favorite Cooking Show?

It’s more important now than ever that we get out and vote. Don’t let the fear of being slimed when you push that big red button to select Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip for Favorite Animated Movie hold you back. Older generations have been putting us down about this upcoming election for months. They say our favorites are unsustainable with unattainable goals. To that I say that sparkling orange blimp will end up on the right side of history if we push through.

Let us not falter on the eve of the most important and formative day of the year for our country. It’s time our voices be heard. It’s time we mobilize a generation. It’s time to slime.