Local Rainbowface Fights Snapchat Filter

Meet Amber Tallioni, a 71 year-old Rainbowface from Arlington, Virginia.

As a Rainbowface, she can splurt actual rainbows out of her mouth, no filters needed.

Since the late 1960’s, Americans have almost entirely forgotten about the disorder that affects over nine million people in the U.S. alone. Now, the plight of Rainbowfaces is barely even talked about, if at all.

Recently, Snapchat added a new video filter that allows users to see themselves with a stream of rainbow pouring out of their mouth, which is eerily similar to the Rainbowface disorder.

The filter is all fun and games until a real life Rainbowface describes how humiliating it is to see her disorder openly mocked.

“When I first saw the filter I spewed more rainbows than I had in years,” Tallioni said. “I opened up a Snapchat from my grandson, Blake, and there he was, with huge eyes and rosy cheeks. It was kind of cute, but when he opened his mouth, this cartoon rainbow started pouring out… it was like he was directly trying to mock me… my own grandson, it really hurt, to tell the truth.

Tallioni has faced intense discrimination in her lifetime because of her condition. She was expelled from Trinity College in Burlington Vermont in 1967 when her RA discovered her retching up rainbows.

She then moved to Oswego and has lived a solitary but peaceful life ever since. That is, until the morning she saw Blake’s Snapchat.

After Tallioni mopped up the puddle of rainbow from her floor and wiped off her phone, she immediately set out writing a letter to Snapchat asking them to remove the filter and explaining how hurtful the filter is – not only to her, but to Rainbowfaces everywhere.

A week after she sent the letter, Snapchat responded via email and had this to say:

We’re sorry the filter offends you, but we will not be removing it from use. There’s no such thing as a “Rainbowface,” so we are not concerned with offending that community. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

Though they deny the existence of Rainbowfaces, Snapchat did announce late last week that they will be removing the ‘monster-face’ filter in an attempt to repair damaged relations with the demon community.

photo credit: Grandma via photopin (license)