RECAP: The Top 10 Most Unbelievable Things James Franco Did During His Live Appearance at Syracuse University!

There’s nobody quite like James Franco. A modern day renaissance-man, Mr. Franco is always ready to do just about anything for a fun-loving audience. Saturday night was no different as the beloved movie star gave a performance that Syracuse students will not soon forget! Here are the 10 craziest things James Franco did during his outstanding performance:

1. Give Every Member of the Audience a Firm Handshake


The ultimate gentleman, James proved that he would stop at nothing to make every member in the 900-seat auditorium feel welcomed and valued.

2. Play Mozart’s Concerto in C on the Harp Without Any Practice


After lugging a large harp onstage, Franco decided to play a classic Mozart piece without any previous Harp experience. “Well… here goes nothing”, he said right before playing a hauntingly perfect rendition. James Franco sure is full of surprises!

3. Bake a Chocolate Souffle and Eat the Entire Thing


James continued to perplex audiences with his range of talents as he baked a near-perfect Souffle without even glancing at a recipe. Before even letting it cool, the Freaks and Geeks star ate the entire masterpiece with his bare hands. “This is a near-perfect souffle!” he shouted as he gobbled his creation. He must’ve been hungry!

4. Juggle Five Loaded 45mm Handguns


How did James Franco manage to bring a box full of loaded pistols onstage? Nobody knows for sure, but the real question is how has nobody put a ring on such a talented man?! After juggling five dangerous weapons for almost ten minutes, he said he “totally could do 6” but he “didn’t feel like it”. Mr. Franco clearly understands what it means to not be a showoff.

5. Silently Finish the Last 2 Episodes of Stranger Things and Only Cry a Little Bit


James explained that he “had been super busy lately”, so he decided to catch up on one of his favorite new shows as the crowd watched his every expression. Seeing his face light up behind his laptop screen was probably more entertaining than the hit show itself!

6. Carve an Ice Sculpture of Robert De Niro


After being asked about his acting influences, the Pineapple Express star decided to answer the only way he knew how… by grabbing a chainsaw and a block of ice. His uncanny ice statue was so realistic that some audience members began asking for its autograph! James Franco sure knows how to use his hands.

7. Name Every Element in the Periodic Table and Give Each a Fun Fact


Without anyone even challenging him, James decided to name every known chemical element in the Periodic Table of Elements in order or atomic number. He also gave accompanying facts such as, “Argon is the third most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere” and “Tungsten is named after the Swedish term for ‘heavy stone’”. What a brainy fella!

8. Successfully Perform a Card Trick on Only His Third Try


His first two attempts may have not gone quite as planned, but “The Great Franco” was able to correctly name the contestant’s card on his third try. It’s understandable since James isn’t a magician, but it was still fairly impressive. Third time’s a charm!

9. Eat a Ghost Pepper Without Drinking a Glass of Milk


“This is a spicy little bastard”, muttered Franco as he bit into one of the spiciest peppers in the world. Despite sweating and yelling a few curse words, James kept his cool with the hot pepper. And James Franco is already pretty hot without the dangerously spicy pepper!

10. Deliver a Baby and Convince the Mother to Name Her Child “James Franco”


Within 3 hours, James delivered a baby using only his dress shirt and working knowledge of female anatomy. After one of the most important events in the woman’s life, the Spider-man 3 star proclaimed that her newborn son “sure looks like a James Franco”. Hopefully the adult James Franco has some of his own kids soon!