Replacing Justice Scalia: Cuse Students Share Their Thoughts

The recent loss of beloved Supreme Court Judge Justice Scalia means that there’s a big decision to be made — who is going to fill his seat in the United States Judicial System’s elite squad?! We took it to snapchat to ask the students of Syracuse University who they think should replace the passed judge.

Courtney Baker, Freshman


Courtney must be happy with our current commander-in-chief, as she wants to see him take the court! When progress comes, we can all say “Thanks Obama!”.


Justin Smith, Senior


Our buddy Justin here wants a Supreme Court Justice who will be dedicated to the United States “always”. He’ll be able to turn to page 392 of the constitution.

Peggy Thompson, Senior


The Supreme Court isn’t just about making constitutional decisions, it’s about looking fabulous while doing it!

Kyle Jacobs, Sophomore


Maury has already made hundreds of wise, life-changing decisions. Who is more prepared to take his wise judgment to the Supreme Court? America, you are not the father!

Beth O’Brian, Junior


Change is hard, so why do it? Let’s just let Scalia keep his seat, as even his now withering corpse has a greater understanding of the constitution than most Americans.