7 Statues on Campus that Perfectly Describe How Your Semester is Going

These Syracuse campus statues are not just hilarious, they also perfectly portray how your semester is going! 1) When someone asks you what your major is (again)! 2) When your advisor tells you your thesis statement needs some work… Read More

WHO SAID IT: Chancellor or Man Yelling on Marshall Street?

Our bespectacled Chancellor Kent Syverud is known as much for spouting off odd musings as he is for systematically sucking fun out of college campuses. But Kent’s strange yet entertaining ramblings may remind you of another beloved, off-kilter… Read More

ESF Student Teaches SU Student How To Climb Tree

Ever since he saw that special on the Discovery Channel about trees, freshman Dylan Koffman knew he would one day get to that high branch. Just last week, he got his wish.