Why Blue Man Group Lives Matter


Elections are seasons are always fraught with hot topics and debates, and this year is no exception. But there’s been one movement in particular that’s becoming steadily harder and harder to ignore. It cries out to the masses and demands to be heard. Silence isn’t an option anymore; it’s time to make a difference. It’s time to talk about why Blue Man Group Lives Matter.

People disparage the Blue Man Group Lives Matter movement for several reasons. They give inane arguments claiming that the Blue Man Group has no regard for the humanity of their audience. Yes, there have been videos taken of the Blue Man Group screaming at certain members of the audience and then brutally beating them, but the videos don’t capture the entire story. They exclude the most crucial part. The audience members in the videos were being disruptive and not adhering to the rules of the show. The fact that they were beaten and taken out of the theater was their own doing.

It’s honestly heartbreaking to see people hate on the Blue Man Group. Everyday, they leave their beautiful families at home to spend hours rehearsing, risking their LIVES. And America has the gall to criticize them just because of a few instances of necessary violence. The Blue Men don’t have to do what they do, but they paint their bodies and drum because they care about us. They want us to feel safe and protected in the sounds of their drumming and with paint splashing onto our faces.

The Blue Man Group represents this nation’s core ideals. Since their founding in 1991 they have been making our country great. Disrespecting the Blue Man Group is disrespecting America. Talk about it, tweet it, do whatever you can. #BlueManGroupLivesMatter